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Insurance Coverage Issues

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After being in an accident that causes you injury, whether you were hit by a drunk driver, slipped and fell on someone else’s property, or any other type of accident, you should be able to expect adequate insurance coverage to take care of your damages. However, in many personal injury claims, the greatest challenges do not come from the liable party but from the insurance companies representing them instead. As a business that needs to make money to stay open, some insurance companies may try to cut corners to short how much coverage is given, even when more should be granted.

At Brennan Law Firm, LLC, our Waterbury insurance claim attorneys are here to help stand up for your rights and seek the fair coverage amount you deserve. With more than three decades of total legal experience, we have seen firsthand the many tactics used by insurance companies to try to reduce compensation given to the wrongfully injured.

People choose to work with our bad faith insurance lawyers because:

  • We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in winning case results.
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  • You do not have to pay attorney fees unless we win your case.
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What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Insurance companies are bound by both contracts and laws to deliver fair and trustworthy services to their customers. In most situations, this means they must give insurance coverage when it is right to do so under the instructions of an insurance policy. When there are insurance coverage issues with a personal injury claim, it could be a breach of the insurance policy contract and constitute bad faith insurance.

The most common forms of bad faith insurance are:

  • Denying an insurance claim without given a valid cause.
  • Delaying the investigation of an injury claim.
  • Tampering with evidence to place more liability on the injured party.

Whether the bad faith insurance is carried out intentionally or inadvertently due to poor business practices, it is inexcusable and needs to be met with a legal challenge. This is where our Waterbury bad faith insurance attorneys can step in and take over. We promise to do everything in our ability to hold your insurance company or that of the liable party accountable. We are not satisfied with a case outcome unless our client gets every penny possible.

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